21st Century Teaching and Learning


21st Century Learner


What does a 21st Century Learner look like?  At our most recent Admin meeting we had this discussion.  We were trying to make sure we continue to be a high achieving district and we are preparing our students for the “real world”.  Our School Leadership Team has been working hard planning and building PLC’s to ask teachers “why” we need to teach the skills necessary to be a “4C learner” (EdLeader21).  The 21st century learner has to display:
Critical Thinking
Creativity and Innovation
Schools, Teachers, Curriculum, and Students are changing very rapidly.  Applying the 4C’s to the disciplines in the traditional school setting requires PBL, STEM and other research, filter, and apply methods.  Teachers without a growth-mindset will struggle with the new explore and investigate learning methods being used in innovative school settings.  Schools must explicitly teach and and assess 21st century skills to prepare our students for College and Career readiness.  How can schools and teachers best prepare and serve our students? As a school aren’t we here to serve students? As a teacher aren’t we here to serve students?

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