“Time Serving Students…”

We are planning some big things for a Flex Mod summertime summit (June 29-30)! This will be open to all flex mod schools in the country and schools wanting to implement personalized learning. The flex mod summit will consist of: the “why” of flexible scheduling, planning flexible scheduling, teacher preparation for flexible scheduling, personalized learning plans for students, creating personal responsibility, relationships, & time for teachers and students.

We will also build in panels for solving problems, entering into e school, and of course-character education. The final piece is cutting costs and cleaning up facility issues through flexible scheduling.

Flex Mod scheduling is better than a curriculum canned and sold. You and your team know your school and community, so we are of the mindset of helping you build time for students and teachers. “Time serving students instead of students serving time.”

Our teachers and students have time to cover content, build relationships, learn character ed lessons together, build empathy, and incorporate 21st century skills.

More details coming later but here are a few pieces of information in case you are interested in producing a true college and career ready student.




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