WHY CHANGE?Our Kids Deserve It…



Flex Mod Scheduling: “Time serving STUDENTS instead of STUDENTS serving time.”

Flexible Mod Scheduling is an innovative schedule built on creating a personalized learning environment for students. How did you feel the last time you sat through an eight hour meeting? Bored? Tired? Frustrated? Now consider that we ask our students to navigate this schedule every day of the entirety of their high school career. When relegated to a traditional “one size fits all schedule”, it is not surprising that many students don’t like coming to school!

Flex Mod Scheduling focuses on students by allowing for every student to have choice in their day.  Each student averages 25% of their weekly time to independent learning time. During this time students are able to receive individual or small group tutoring, collaborate with peers, read, workout, practice an instrument or anything else that interests them.  

Flex Mod Scheduling also focuses on teachers.  With an average of 33% of the teacher work week devoted to independent learning time, the flex mod schedule provides much needed “time” to the teacher workday.  This schedule creates time for teachers to individualize instruction and work collaboratively. Teachers are now able to focus on why many of us got into education: building relationships with students and teaching the 21st Century skills that matter to our students’ future.

Right now is the time to try personalized learning, why would you wait? See you at the FLEX MOD SUMMIT!


Jon Laffoon


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