Is Your School Flexible?

Sometimes the end of the school year feels busier than the beginning! We spend most of our time preparing schedules, filing waivers, hiring new teachers, planning next years PD and trying to balance it all. I find myself spending more time preparing for next year than connecting with faculty and students. As we’ve been working to finish the Master Schedule, I find myself incredibly grateful for the Flex Mod Schedule. Our flexibility allows my team to schedule in a way that truly meets the needs of our students.

The past few weeks while working very hard at school, I’ve also been working with the team at PACE to prepare for the Flex Summit this June. We are proud to announce that not will we have Daisy Dyer Duer join us but also George Philhower! Both are innovative educational leaders with unique experience that will provide attendees with the confidence needed to take the jump and build the innovative personalized cultures that  students need.

I invite you to join us this summer at the Flex Summit at the University of Arkansas and learn how you can build a school culture that serves your students..instead of your students serving the school culture. Even if you are not planning on implementing a flex schedule, this conference will open your eyes to what you can do with innovation and a great team!


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