Redefining “Whatever It Takes”

As the summer winds down and the school year cranks up, it’s time to reflect on what we have learned. We also must set the stage for next year’s progress. In a new position as the leader in a district, many things come at you and right in your office door. Listening, looking, digging, and assessing our district has me excited to begin anew. 

Star City School District is a rural district that has so many wonderful people and exciting opportunities ahead of us. Providing a world class STEM education, access to technology for all students, teaching creativity, colloboration, communication, and critical thinking are just beyond our reach. 

Redefine means to change the way people look at something. We want to redefine our Mission statement “Whatever It Takes.” After redefining our mission, we must set the vision for our district. As we move ahead into our vision, we must include: 

Why – This is the moral purpose of the district. It’s why the district exists. 

How – This is how the school district fulfills that moral purpose.

What – This is what the district does to fulfill that moral purpose.

The work ahead is paramount to our success in the future. The challenge lies in getting our faculty and staff all on the same bus and getting there with limited financial resources. We must put students at the forefront of all decisions. Our students, families and community are counting on us. We will make it, “Whatever It Takes.”


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