Flex Mod Scheduling

Have you ever had to sit in a day-long meeting? How did you feel afterwards? Exhausted? Frustrated? Perhaps overwhelmed? The stressors of an eight-hour meeting are tough, yet we ask our kids to do this 178 days a year. Is this preparing them for college and “real life?”

The Flex Mod schedule builds flexibility into students’ school day for Independent Learning Time (ILT). ILT allows students to work on out-of-class reading or homework, collaborate with peers on group projects, meet with teachers for one-on-one remediation, or various other activities that will set them up for success.

We can’t wait to hear feedback on the schedule and collaborate with educators everywhere!  Contact me  for the opportunity to visit a Flex Mod school, to see how the Flex Mod Schedule allows “time to serve students instead students serving time.”